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From lower down this page you can access the Merchant Taylors’ Charity Management (‘MTCM’) funding application form to apply for funding from any of the following charities which MTCM manages :

  1. Merchant Taylors’ Consolidated Charities for the Infirm
  2. The Henry Colborn Trust
  3. The Dudley and Geoffrey Cox Charitable Trust

We don’t want you to waste your time applying for funding if you are unlikely to receive it. Before accessing the application form below, please use the links above to check what each of these charities will and will not fund and their funding timetable, if you have not checked already. This is still important even if you have found out about these charities through:

  • a fundraising database or online directory – these sometimes give guidance which is significantly out of date; or
  • the Charity Commission’s register of charities – it doesn’t include the full detail of what these charities will or will not fund.

MTCM manages other charities, but the ones above are the only ones accepting uninvited applications.

The following charities do not accept uninvited applications:

  • Merchant Taylors’ Consolidated Charities for the Poor
  • The Merchant Taylors’ Company Charities Fund
  • The Marler Trust
  • Harold and Dorothy Howitt Trust Fund (Merchant Taylors’ Company).

You can access the funding application form here.

Click here for the main page about the Merchant Taylors’ Company’s charitable work.

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