The Company Archives

The Company’s archives were deposited on loan at Guildhall Library in 1996, so that they could be available for study by the public. The accounts survive from 1398. Minutes survive from 1562, and for the isolated years 1486-93. Following a recent reorganisation at Guildhall, the archives are now administered from a distance by London Metropolitan Archives in Clerkenwell, and the catalogue can be viewed on the LMA website. However the archives are still stored at Guildhall Library, and are available for consultation there without prior appointment.

No permission is needed from the Company to access them for private study.


Genealogical enquiries
The Company has always had a large membership. We know that there were around 8,000 members during the Civil War. Genealogical enquiries should be directed to  Alternatively, information about former members 1530-1928 can be obtained for a fee from Docklands Ancestors at The Company’s charity fund receives a royalty from these fees.

Other enquiries
These can be directed to LMA, as above, or to the Company Archivist, Stephen Freeth, at