Leaving a gift in your will: the 1327 Campaign

Charity and education have always been at the heart of the Merchant Taylors’ Company’s ethos.  Much of the charitable work which the Company is able to do today is due to the generosity of past members who left gifts in their wills. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, and would already have been well understood by the members when the Company received its first Royal Charter, in 1327.

The 700th anniversary of that Royal Charter will be in 2027.

To enable the Company to continue its charitable work for the next 700 years, as many members as possible are encouraged to make a pledge, before the year 2027, that they will leave a gift in their will either to the Company or directly to one of the charities through which it works such as The Merchant Taylors’ Company Charities Fund. This is the goal of the 1327 Campaign.

If you pledge to leave a gift, you will be enrolled in ‘1327’ which has a special annual event.

To request a full 1327 Campaign will-giving brochure for more information, please email: charities@merchant-taylors.co.uk

To download a form in which you can pledge to leave a gift in your will, click here: Pledge Form 2019.