Our Activities

The Company has continued with its rich educational tradition which it began in the 16th Century.

It also administers many charitable trusts created by past Members and benefactors and from this source a wide range of organisations are supported. Help is given to an equally wide range of needy people. Grants are also made from the Company’s own funds through the Livery & Freemen Fund.

The Company’s Almshouses, originally in Threadneedle Street, now comprise 32 small houses situated in Lewisham. Built originally between 1826 and 1879 and extensively modernised in recent years they are supervised by a Warden.

Alongside the Company’s Almshouses it manages two other sets of Almshouses, Christopher Boone’s Almshouses and Archbishop Coggan House, also in the Borough of Lewisham. Through one of the Trusts it administers it own Nursing and Residential Care Home at Dowe House in Lewisham and a Nursing Home at Mulberry House in Lewisham.