Schools Affiliated To The Company


Merchant Taylors’ School
founded by the Company in 1561

Merchant Taylors’ School is one of the ‘Great Nine’ schools of England. They have provided outstanding educational opportunities to boys in the London area since 1561. Merchant Taylors’ is an exceptional learning community that provides a first class education in a humane and civilised environment. The value breadth of achievement as much as success at the highest level. In September 2015 Northwood Prep merged with Merchant Taylors’ School making an all-through school for boys aged 3-18. 

St. John’s School
purchased by the Company in 1984

St. John’s is an IAPS boys’ day preparatory school with approximately 350 boys aged three to thirteen years old. Facing south on a thirty-five acre site we have outstanding views over London. To enable each boy to extend and develop his talents and interests so that he can grow in confidence and fulfil his potential. Both inside and outside the classroom the individual is presented with a range of opportunities which, when fully grasped, will enable him to flourish. 

The King’s School in Macclesfield
founded in 1502 by Sir John Percyvale

King’s has been providing excellent education for children for over 510 years. They are proud of our traditions and outstanding reputation but they also look forward to the exciting challenges of educating tomorrow’s generation. The school is a vibrant, dynamic community educating children from 3 to 18 years old; learning and personal development are at the heart of their community. 

Wolverhampton Grammar School
founded in 1512 by Sir Stephen Jenyns

Wolverhampton Grammar School aims to be a busy, happy and successful community with young people, their learning, development and welfare at the heart of everything we do. The philosophy of WGS places scholarship at the heart of a challenging education which promotes achievement through active involvement.  It seeks to develop self-awareness and a sense of responsibility, values both individuality and altruism, and fosters the spirit of community and commitment traditional to the School.

Foyle College
founded in 1617 by Matthias Springham

Foyle College is a Co-educational, Voluntary Grammar School which has been providing high quality education for the City of Londonderry and its surrounding area for almost 400 years. The school aims to help their students to grow academically, athletically and artistically enabling them to fulfil their potential both as members of the school community and as contributors to society.


Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School, Crosby
founded in 1620 by John Harrison

Merchant Taylors’ Schools are a famous family of schools based in Crosby, just north of Liverpool.

Merchant Taylors’ Boys’ School is an independent day school for boys aged 11-18: it is one of the leading boys’ schools in the North West and consistently tops the Sefton League Tables for examination results. The School has a strong history and tradition of excellence as well as a reputation for producing well-rounded, successful and happy young men.

Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School, Crosby
founded by the Company in 1878

When you visit Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School you will feel the extraordinary warmth which comes from the good relationships that dedicated staff and motivated girls have with each other. The girls are encouraged to express themselves, to seek help when they need it, to practise leadership roles and to reach for the top. Their achievements in external examinations indicate the highest academic standards.

Wallingford School
founded in 1659 by Walter Bigg

Wallingford School helps every pupil choose the right mix of elements that will send them into the world able and qualified to play their full part.  At Wallingford School they believe there is much to be said for a long, happy childhood in the hands of caring adults. Young people here are so positive and confident partly because they are both respected and respectful. 

St Saviour’s and St Olave’s School

St. Saviour’s & St. Olave’s School was founded as a grammar school for girls in 1903. It belongs to the St. Olave’s & St. Saviour’s Schools Foundation, which can trace its history back through four centuries to the time of Queen Elizabeth I. Today the school is fully inclusive and very successful inner city Church of England school for girls. The school provides an educational environment of stability and tradition that enables the whole community to learn from the very best of their shared heritage. 

St Helen’s School

St Helen’s School is a leading independent girls’ day school providing outstanding, all-round education for girls aged three to eighteen. Set in over 21 acres of beautiful grounds in North London, the school provides the opportunity for pupils to excel academically, fulfil their potential and acquire the skills, insight and confidence to become leaders in their future professions and communities, and make a valuable contribution to wider society. The school cherishes its rich history and enduring values but is also forward thinking and embraces innovation. Girls leave the school confident, independent and ready to take their place in the world.