The Royal Yeomanry is the senior Armoured Regiment in the Army Reserve

As a Light Cavalry Unit, soldiers are mounted in armoured Land Rovers (RWMIKs) and other reconnaissance vehicles. Their reservist role is to seek out the enemy, report their positions and fix them in place so they can be engaged. This means their soldiers need to be self-reliant and confident in sending information while cross-country driving as they are carrying out a covert night patrol. They also take sport and adventure training seriously with strong football, sailing, skiing and polo teams, which build confidence and encourage teamwork.

We recruit from across the South East and the Midlands with training centres in London, Croydon, Swindon, Leicester, Nottingham, Telford and Dudley. We are one of only two Reserve Regiments to have a marching ‘State’ Band.

Our cap-badge is the personal crest of HRH Princess Alexandra, who is our Royal Honorary Colonel.