Join us for City Giving Day 2021
7 September 2021

We're gearing up for a day of friendly competition and energetic fundraising in the City, here's how you can get involved

Golden Shears 2021
16 July 2021

The Golden Shears 2021 competition announces winners

The Company Golf Day at Huntercombe
12 July 2021

Catch up on the events of the Company's Golf Day which saw trophies and blobbies dished out

Golden Shears 2021: The Style Judges
5 July 2021

Ahead of the Golden Shears Final this evening, find out more about this year's guest judges.

Golden Shears: Celebrating Skill, Vision and Innovation
5 July 2021

Liveryman Alan Cannon tells the story of the competition and its significance to the UK's young tailoring talent

Merchant Taylors' Foundation: Preventing Youth Homelessness
15 June 2021

Mark Robinson, Head of Prevention and Programmes at Depaul, which tackles youth homelessness, shares an update on their new under-16s programme which received a grant from MTF at the beginning of this year.

A Year of Change and Opportunity: Reflections on 2020
27 May 2021

The past year has seen seismic changes to all our lives. In this piece URW Martin Robb and our newest Liverymen reflect over 2020-21

The Man in the Tower: How the Tower of London is tied to Merchant Taylors'
24 May 2021

Read how this Company is linked to one of London's most famous attractions with a very dark past

Old Rivals Meet Again: MTC vs. Skinners Golf Report
18 May 2021

In one of the world's longest standing golf competitions, we took on the Skinners in a match that is no less fierce for its longevity

Merchant Taylors' Year 8 Quiz
17 May 2021

The annual Year 8 Quiz was last week and students battled through tough general knowledge rounds to lift the Lamb Trophy

John Stow, Merchant Taylor and Historian
12 May 2021

Company Archivist Stephen Freeth takes us through the life and works of one of our most famous forebears: John Stow, whose impact on history writing, and his writing of London especially, continues to be felt today.

Merchant Taylors' School Northwood launches new school house honouring former pupil
4 May 2021

Merchant Taylors' School Northwood renames school house to honour John Raphael, known as Jack, celebrated rugby player and cricketer

Expansion of Wolverhampton Grammar School
26 April 2021

The school has received full approval from the Department for Education for new infant provision from September 2021.

Engage with Education: Opening doors to the insurance industry
19 April 2021

Merchant Taylors' Engage with Education and New Dawn Risk insurance brokers offers insight into careers within the insurance industry

Wylford's: The Company's Easter Service
25 March 2021

Archivist Stephen Freeth uncovers the history behind the Company's annual Easter Service

Aspiring Medics: an Engage with Education initiative
16 March 2021

Members of the Company offer mentoring and prepare students seeking medical careers

The Great Hall's Stained Glass
9 March 2021

Company Archivist Stephen Freeth examines the history of the Company's stained glass in this piece originally published in No.30 in spring 2020

International Women's Day 2021
8 March 2021

Merchant Taylors' honours our growing female membership to mark this year's International Women's Day

International Women's Day 2021: Meet the Membership
7 March 2021

for International Women's Day we celebrate and honour our growing female membership at Merchant Taylors' Company

From Baking to Board Games: How The Feast Is Combatting Isolation in Young People
4 February 2021

The Master's Charity shares how they embraced creativity to connect with their young service users