The Coronavirus Appeal: Depaul UK

1 June 2020

We know that no young person should have to sleep rough or somewhere unsafe. At the moment, reports show that domestic abuse, sexual exploitation and poverty are surging due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. This disproportionately affects young people.

Depaul UK is a charity that works in some of the most disadvantaged communities to prevent homelessness and to provide support every step of the way to young people at their most vulnerable.

While Depaul UK is a vital lifeline for many, the current crisis caused by COVID-19 is also threatening a huge number of young people with financial instability. 16-24 year olds are twice as likely to work in sectors shut down and set to make the hardest losses from coronavirus and those who are already vulnerable will be put at further risk.

Depaul UK's work spans a range of projects, from emergency accommodation and long-term housing provision and support through to outreach work to help those at risk of homelessness.

The video below from Depaul UK CEO Mike Thiedke highlights the challenges the charity faces at this time.

The charity's work at this time is focused on both the physical safety of young people at risk of homelessness as well as their mental health. Through toolkits for families to help ease conflict to activities for those isolated in lockdown Depaul UK are working across a huge spectrum to help young people as they require their services.

Watch a video below from Depaul UK Executive Director of Fundraising and Communications, Paul McKenzie:

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