Let's Create

11 May 2022

We’re excited about the new Let’s Create programme of activities for residents at our almshouse charity at Christopher Boone’s Court in Lewisham. It’s a wonderful mix of singing, music-making and arts and crafts paid for by Merchant Taylors’ and run by local charity Age Exchange.

The launch evening held on 5 May included:

  1. Alice lead the residents in learning some songs with the theme of – London
  2. Malcolm did a short slideshow presentation on variety hall and music hall acts. How the song words don’t mean what you might think! Fascinated middle classes couldn’t be seen to attend vulgar music hall so one promotional genius re-packaged the same songs in pantomime, which the middle classes could flock to. The residents loved it as many of the most popular music hall songs have passed into the popular canon – My Old Man Said Follow the Van etc.
  3. Speed abstract colour painting with watercolours, led by Simon
  4. Rounded off with a final song led by Alice – Dedicated Follower of Fashion by the Kinks – rowdy singing in a good way with call and response on Oh Yes He Is (Oh Yes He Is) etc!


One Housing kindly provided tea and cakes for the attendees throughout the evening.

Everyone had a great evening and we look forward to more residents joining the Let's Create programme as it continues.

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