Mastership Year 2022/23

14 July 2022

Each July the Company's Master and Wardens change, a handover process that goes back centuries.

The annual rotation of Masters empowers the most senior members of the membership to be at the coal face of the Company's work: ensuring that it continues to fulfill its duties in Fraternity, Education, and Philanthropy and remains connected with those across the membership and wider Merchant Taylors' Company networks.

The role of Master is all-consuming, and so Wardens offer their support, sitting across the Company's committees alongside his/her and providing robust support to ensure his/her ambitions are affected through his/her year.

The Company is delighted to welcome Mr. Harry Parshall as the 2022/23 Master Merchant Taylor. He is joined by Mr. Chris Keville as the First Upper Warden, Mr. Rupert Bull as the Second Upper Warden, Mr. Nick Hunter Jones as Upper Renter Warden, and Mr. Jonny Monk as Under Renter Warden.  

Master and Wardens group photo
L-R - Second Upper Warden Rupert Bull , First Upper Warden Chris Keville, Master Harry Parshall, Upper Renter Warden Nick Hunter Jones, and Under Renter Warden Jonny Monk

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Mastership Year 2022/23
14 July 2022

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