Grant-Making is integral to the Company's philanthropic work

Grant-making forms the third pillar of Merchant Taylors' philanthropic strategy. The fundamental belief in charitable giving as a means to help those less fortunate can be traced to the very beginning of the Company, when the Fraternity sought to help poor or sick tailors and their families. As the world has changed, and the welfare system has expanded, The Company has broadened its remit to help those who are often the most isolated and excluded.

Magic Breakfast, one of the charities supported by the Company's grant-making, provides healthy breakfast food and expert support to schools in disadvantaged areas of the UK to ensure that no child is too hungry to learn.

As the Company strives to transform lives and offer help to those who need it most, the Company has expanded in how much it is able to give: last year awarding grants of more than £500,000.

Find out more about our grant-making charities here.