On the 27th February the Company hosted the second schools quiz at Merchant Taylors’ Hall. Merchant Taylors’ School Northwood, St. John’s School, Merchant Taylors’ Crosby Boys’ School, Merchant Taylors’ Crosby Girls’ School, Wallingford School, St. Helen’s School and St. Saviour’s and St. Olave’s School participated. The idea was first formed at a conference for the students where they discussed the means by which they could enhance the relationships between the associated schools and to further their understanding of the historic connections between their schools and the Company.

Each school sent a delegation of six students, who had participated in earlier competitions to win the opportunity to compete at the final at the Hall. The students and teachers were given a tour of the Hall and an introduction to the Company’s history by the Beadle. They subsequently enjoyed lunch together in the Parlour before starting the quiz.

All students put in a great effort, answering some tough questions and the range of results was very close. The final round to decide the winners included Merchant Taylors’ Crosby Girls’ School, Merchant Taylors’ Crosby Boys’ school and St. Helen’s. At the end of a tense final round Crosby Boys’ were crowned the Winners. All students were presented with a certificate and chocolate; the winning team prizes included the silver Lamb in Glory trophy and were each given Waterstones vouchers.