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Merchant Taylors’ Company

One of the Great Twelve Livery Companies
of the City of London

One of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London. Livery Companies, or Guilds as they were previously known, began in mediaeval times as fraternities which were often religious but also there to protect the interests of particular trades.

There are now 110 City Livery Companies. Their current activities are mainly charitable although some have retained a trade or industry role. The history of the Merchant Taylors’ Company is an integral part of the history of the City of London.

For more information about Livery Companies of the City of London please see the City Livery Committee website.

Election of the Lord Mayor – 1 October 2018

The following are the candidates standing for election

Alderman and International Banker

Alderman and Haberdasher

Alderman and Pewterer

For more information please visit the City of London website here


The 2019 Golden Shears Competition is now open!

On Monday 16th July, Peter Magill stood down from his Mastership, and the new Master and his wardens were sworn in:

Duncan Eggar and wardens

From left to right, Michael Cole Fontayn (Under Renter Warden), Peregrine Massey (Upper Renter), Duncan Eggar (The Master), Dr John Sichel (First Upper Warden), Harry Parshall (Second Upper).

Rear Admiral Nick Harris CB MBE also retired as Clerk after 12 years of service. We wish him health and happiness and thank him for all he has done for the Company.

We welcome Rear Admiral John Clink CBE as his successor.

John Clink 2