Every year, it is a great pleasure to host the Merchant Taylors’ seminar with delegates attending from across the education sector. It was a delight, this year to welcome Claire Oulton and Russell Speirs from RSAcademics to discuss their ‘Ten Trends’ report.

Claire is Head of Leadership Appointments at RSAcademics and acts as a consultant for BXR (a private equity firm now investing in education). Russell, founded RSAcademics in 2002, after discovering his passion for the world of schools during his time as Marketing Director at Uppingham School.

The seminar, co-hosted by Claire and Russell, went into great detail about the fast paced changes happening in the education sector. The topics covered a wide range of interesting topics, such as school leadership and how it is changing; student wellbeing; teacher recruitment, training and reward, edtech, and the ever changing demands of London to name a few.

Claire and Russell did a marvellous job of explaining the latest trends to a diverse audience. With schools across the spectrum being under increasing pressure to regularly change their structure, the seminar provided key tips to ensure all needs are met inside the classroom and out.

As always, there was a much valued Q&A session after the presentation, with much thought provoking discussion.