The Merchant Taylor’s Company manages a number of grant-making Trusts for which – over time – it has become responsible.

The Company’s charitable activities are primarily directed towards:
•     Grant making for the relief of poverty, disadvantage and homelessness
•     the provision of assistance to those who are elderly and infirm, and to support people with disabilities, through its almshouses in Lewisham;
•     And education, with an emphasis on its own associated schools

While the Merchant Taylors’ Company is not itself a charity, Members of the Livery and Freemen of the Company are encouraged to donate to the Livery and Freemen Fund. In each Mastership, which lasts for one year, members provide financial support to the charity chosen by the Master, as well as up to four other nominated charitable organisations of the membership’s choosing, which are selected through the Livery Committee.

Nominated Charities

Grant-making from Company Charities Fund (Reg Charity: 1069124) is restricted at present to up to four charities nominated each year by the Livery Committee. If you are a Member of the Company and would like to donate to the Livery & Freeman Fund (LFF) please log in to the member portal above.

You can find out more about the current nominated charities here.

Company Grants

The Company has an established tradition of support to the following organisations:

  • Guildhall School of Music & Drama
  • St Savior’s & St Olave’s School Southwark
  • The Sheriffs’ & Recorders Fund
  • Friends of St Paul’s Cathedral

Grant-making Trusts (Internal Charities)

The Company nominates Trustees and provides management services for the following grant-making trusts:
•    The Consolidated Charities for the Infirm – CCI (Reg Charity: 214266);
•    The Consolidated Charities for the Poor – CCP (Reg Charity: 214267);

What We fund

Funding is generally awarded from CCI and CCP to other, small, charitable organisations, and where such grants can have a clearly demonstrable impact. There is also a geographical preference for Inner London – particularly the London Borough of Lewisham and Boroughs to the east and south-east of the City – but this is not exclusive.

Potential recipients must demonstrate that they will not be wholly dependent on funding from the Company’s Trusts, and, to that end, are positively encouraged to reference the Company’s support insofar as it may help them to acquire match-funding or other additional financial support. Any multi-year grants that are made are for a maximum of three years and will tend to be tapered (with reduced amounts given in years 2 and 3).

Applicants can read our guidelines on the Company’s grant-making trusts here.

How to Apply

You can apply to the CCI after completing the eligibility checks below, which will reveal the link to the online form. The application will need completing in one go as there is no provision to save, so please make note of the questions and prepare accordingly beforehand – you can paste text into the form if needed. You will receive a confirmation email and a copy of your application for your records once submitted.

If you have recently applied online to CCI using the online application form, please be assured that your application will be reviewed and considered for funding in 2017. You will receive notification regarding its progress in due course. Please be prepared to respond to requests for additional information or queries if needed.

Please note that the Charities Committee will continue to meet four times per year and each round is a competitive process. Your application will automatically go to the next available meeting but we reserve the right to defer your application if required. You will be notified if this is the case.

 Dudley and Geoffrey Cox Charitable Trust

The Merchant Taylors’ Company currently provide administrative services to the Dudley and Geoffrey Cox Charitable Trust.

Merchant Taylors’ Charity Management Service

The Merchant Taylors’ Company also provides a charity administration service  to other grant-making trusts. Find out more about Merchant Taylors’ Charity Management here.


Apply Now

Check your eligibility for application to the Consolidated Charities for the Infirm. Please tick the boxes to confirm that: