The Henry Colborn Trust

The Henry Colborn Trust is the working name of “Henry Colborn (or Colbron)” (registered charity no. 310961).

The Henry Colborn Trust’s charitable purposes allow it to do the following:

  • Category 1 – Provide special benefits, of a kind not normally provided by the Local Education Authority, for Ashwell Primary School, and
  • Category 2 – Otherwise promote the education, including social and physical training, of children resident in the parish of Ashwell.

The Trust does not normally provide funding for private tutoring of children to supplement the teaching they receive at school – for example, to help them prepare for examinations. However, this is subject to the following. Without any guarantee of funding, the Trust will consider applications which go directly to meeting an educational need of a child with Learning Support requirements  and where that need relates directly to those Learning Support requirements.


Applying for funds: how to apply

Applications by post or e-mail are not accepted, and will not be considered.

To apply for funds from The Henry Colborn Trust, please use the online application form (see further below).

If you are applying on behalf of a registered charity, you will not need to obtain a Unique Reference Number from us.

If you will be applying either on behalf of a group or organisation which is NOT a registered charity, or on behalf of an individual (for example, a member of your family) you will need a Unique Reference Number (URN) for the individual/group/organisation on whose behalf the application will be lodged, before you can start completing the form. To obtain a URN, please email a request  to Please ensure your email request complies with the following:

  1. the subject bar should read: Henry Colborn Trust, request for URN
  2. in the email itself, please state in full the name of the individual or organisation on whose behalf the application will be lodged
  3. if it is a group or organisation, please include a link to the group or organisation’s website (if any).


Applying for funds: when to apply

Applications can be made at any time but will only be considered twice a year according to the following timetable.

  • Applications made by  30 April will be considered at the Trustees’ meeting in June, with the decision notified on 30 June.
  • Applications made after 30 April will be considered at the Trustees’ meeting in November, with the decision notified on 30 November.


Where to find the online application form

To apply for funds from The Henry Colborn Trust, you will need to save or print a copy of the guidance on completing the form which you can access here: Guidance to online form.

Once you have downloaded the guidance, please use the following link to access the form itselfMerchant Taylors’ Charity Management online funding application form.


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