The Master’s Charity: For Jimmy

In 2017/18, Master Mr Peter Magill has chosen For Jimmy as the Master’s Charity to receive financial and other support from the Company.

For Jimmy was founded by Barry and Margaret Mizen MBEs, the parents of Lewisham schoolboy Jimmy Mizen who was murdered in his local bakery one Saturday morning in 2008 in an unprovoked attack by another young person.

Jimmy Mizen

Jimmy Mizen

For Jimmy works to reduce crime and gang violence amongst children and young people, and help them build up their local communities as safer places for people to live in. For Jimmy also provides work experience for youngsters on the autistic spectrum, through its Good Hope Cafés.

Jimmy’s older brother Billy Mizen, CEO of For Jimmy, writes:

“As the Master’s Charity, For Jimmy would love to offer members of the Merchant Taylors’ Company the chance to engage in our work and provide opportunities for our young people of  Lewisham.

“When my parents Barry and Margaret Mizen, MBEs lost my brother Jimmy to an unprovoked attack in south-east London in May 2008, they made Jimmy two promises. Those promises were to keep his name alive and that they would dedicate their lives to working for peace in his memory for every young person. The past eight years have seen them share Jimmy’s story and work with young people up and down the country on projects that bring communities together, and help young people lead in building the types of communities that they want to grow up in. This work has also seen the charity partner with businesses to offer young people experiences that take them outside of their community. For families from comfortable backgrounds, these experiences may seem just a normal part of becoming a polished young person. But for typical young people from Lewisham, they are extraordinary opportunities.

“Since the charity formed in 2009, For Jimmy has always given young people opportunities outside of their school and communities, to expand their learning and understanding of what lies ahead of them in their adult life as future leaders and change-makers. These opportunities have ranged from gaining an understanding of the political landscape with tours of The Houses of Parliament, City Hall and visits to Number 10. Our young people have also got the chance to get to grips with technology at Google and Twitter and to learn about the role of big business and the world of finance at Mayer Brown, BlackRock and Waverton Investment Management.

“I actually changed my mind about what I wanted to be in the future after we had the tour of the building. At first, I wanted to be a mechanic or to work with animals, but now I want to do something like be a lawyer or work with computers.”
(Ryan, Year 10 pupil at Deptford Green School who visited Mayer Brown.)

“We’d love to offer members of the Merchant Taylors’ Company the opportunity to unlock a unique experience for our young people. This could be through your own business or network of contacts and would be something we could offer out to primary or secondary schools we currently work with. This is a great chance for you and your employees to directly engage with and inspire our young people.

“If you think you might be in a position to arrange a work-place visit or other unusual experience, please get in touch with me at For Jimmy, or if you would prefer to discuss it first with someone at Merchant Taylors’, please contact the Charities Officer Giles Hutchinson.”

Bill Mizen, CEO of For Jimmy: T: 020 8852 7855  E:

Giles Hutchinson, Merchant Taylors’ Company Charities Officer:  T: 020 7450 4447  E: