The Master’s Charity: Bowhaven

In 2018/19, Master Mr Duncan Eggar has chosen Bowhaven as the Master’s Charity to receive financial and other support from the Company.

At its venue in Tower Hamlets, Bowhaven supports self-help groups for local people with serious psychiatric health issues. For example, this includes a group for people who hear voices due to a deeply traumatic experience, such as losing all one’s children in a car crash.

The supportive atmosphere at the charity is amazing. It’s a brilliant example of people in difficult circumstances helping each other.


Bowhaven member Brian writes: “To my delight, I found that the environment at the Bowhaven was welcoming, supportive, professional and non-judgemental; staff offer encouragement and support without placing undue pressure on users. The art therapy provided has allowed me to explore and develop my own creative skills as a tool for expressing and dealing with my own particular issues. Four years later I no longer feel excluded from wider society, as I now feel that I have a place.”

Bowhaven’s message is:

“When people come to our groups or services, we let them know:

You can help others as well as yourself

Helping others can be a path toward wellbeing. Our members take leadership roles in running our groups and services and everyone plays a role in deciding how our services run.

You can live the life you want

People with mental health issues are no different from anyone else. This includes their ability to live the life they want. We provide just enough support to help someone take the next step to supporting themselves.

You are the one who makes the difference

The main agent of change in anyone’s life is always themselves. No-one can make someone else recover. We aim to create the right environment for people to find their own way toward wellbeing.”


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