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We have vacant dwellings and are interested in hearing from you, if you are:

  • a peaceful, considerate person committted to getting on well with your neighbours
  • in need of high quality housing in Lewisham
  • aged at least 57
  • capable of independent living
  • and can’t afford to buy.

Who we are
We are The Merchant Taylors’ Boone’s Charity. We are a Registered Provider of Social Housing, and also a Registered Charity.

We own a small number of apartments within One Housing Group’s luxurious Christopher Boone’s development in the Belmont Park area of Lewisham/Blackheath borders.

Our criteria in more detail
Our apartments are for people aged at least 57, who are capable of independent living and can’t afford to buy due to financial hardship.

Our apartments are built to the same high quality specification as the other apartments in the Christopher Boone’s development, which are for sale by One Housing Group on long leases to private tenants aged at least 57. The only difference is that our apartments have one bedroom, while the private apartments have two.

The apartments are suitable for single people or couples but not families. You and any partner must meet our criteria as set out above.

Our apartments are for people who can’t afford to buy, due to financial hardship. You are unlikely to satisfy this criterion if you were to have more than £30,000 after selling your existing home and paying off debts. You also won’t satisfy this criterion if you have income which would enable you to rent an appropriate apartment in the private sector in Lewisham (eg, a generous occupational pension).

You must be capable of independent living for the foreseeable future. We are not a care home. There is no warden. We do not provide any care, meals, help with the activities of daily living, help with managing finances or shopping, or key worker support or advocacy. We just provide a dwelling.

Please read our independent living self-assessment questionnaire.



Status of our accommodation
If you live in our accommodation, you won’t own your apartment and you will not be a tenant with security of tenure. Your legal status will be occupation under an almshouse beneficiary licence. This is a special type of status arising in charity law. It is a similar status to being a lodger, except that you have the entire apartment with its own front door, not just a room.

However, rest assured that this status is eligible in principle for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit help with accommodation costs, just as if you were a tenant.

Our accommodation charges
Our accommodation charges are within the Affordable Housing range for Lewisham. However, it is important that you check what the exact impact would be on your own financial situation if you were living in our accommodation. Please see our charges information sheet for more information. It includes a breakdown showing which parts of our charges cannot be covered by Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

We recommend strongly that you use the information in the sheet to help you complete an online personal benefits calculation of what benefits you would be entitled to if you were living in our accommodation. Please complete the calculation as if you were already living in our accommodation, using the accommodation address in the information sheet.

You can find an online benefits calculator via in the ‘Benefits’ section.

Find out more
Please start by sending your enquiry to our Housing Manager (Almshouses), Vanessa Humphrey between 9.30 am to 2.30 pm, Monday to Friday:
t: 07788 438104

Please include your daytime phone number and your email address.

The Housing Manager (Almshouses) or another member of staff will then contact you to ask you some preliminary questions about your circumstances.

Please be aware that when we have many enquiries, we aim to help the people who not only meet all of our criteria but are also in most financial need. Accordingly, it may not be possible to consider your enquiry any further than the preliminary questions.

However, if we are able to consider your enquiry further, we will then send you a formal application pack to complete and return, together with information about how that application will be assessed and the likely timescale.

Privacy Policy

The Merchant Taylors’ Boone’s Charity is a registered charity in England and Wales (no.214262) and a Registered Provider of Social Housing (no. A2246). Registered address: 30 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8JB