Master & Wardens 2023-2024

Our Master and Wardens are the core of the Company, overseeing all committees and decisions taken through their year of governance. The Wardens support the Master in effecting a strategy that will drive the Company toward achieving ambitious goals.

This year, we welcome Mr Michael Cole-Fontayn as Master Merchant Taylor. He will be supported in his year of governance by four Wardens, who will help guide him to achieve his aims. Find out more about the Master and his Wardens here.

Michael smiles facing the camera wearing a black robe with fake fur brown trim and wearing a badge of the Merchant Taylors' crest
The Master
Mr Michael Cole-Fontayn
Peter looks into the camera, wearing a faux fur trimmed black robe and a badge of the MT crest around his neck
First Upper Warden
Mr Peter Magill
Nick looks straight-on into the camera wearing a pale blue shirt and the MT badge with a faux-fur trimmed black robe
Second Upper Warden
Alderman Nicholas Lyons
Jane looking at the camera
Upper Renter Warden
Mrs Jane Hall
Lissa smiling at the camera
Under Renter Warden
Ms Lissa Gillott