An Ancient Fraternity

Fraternity underpins everything we are and do at Merchant Taylors' Company. We have always been a community built on mutual support which champions the collective good being of greater value than the sum of our individual parts.

Merchant Taylors' Company began as a collective of artisanal tailors, and while they grew to include those from across trades and industries, as well as those from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, the bond established between members has remained crucial to the longevity of the Company.

Two hearse cloths, dating from the 15th and 16th centuries respectively, are some of the Company's oldest and most-prized treasures. They were placed over the coffins of members of the Company, demonstrating the continuing bond of friendship between members from life into death.

The cloths also highlight the importance of faith in the early years of the Company. As the Company funded, or contributed towards, members' funerals and alms were given to the poor or ailing, faith and Christian duty were key to cementing fraternal spirit and ensuring the continuation of philanthropy.

A Modern Company

Today Merchant Taylors' Company is comprised of around 1000 members across a wide scope of professions and backgrounds. From 'Apprentices' to those members elected to govern the Company – 'the Court' – members' experiences and expertise shape the Company today and into the future.

As the Company continues to progress, we are committed to being a greener, more welcoming and inclusive space to all; enthusiastic of fresh ideas and embracing change. Our members are passionate about doing good, and collaborating to create change while also being a welcoming community for one another.

Being a Merchant Taylor is of course about building connections and a positive future.

Members can be involved in social events, sports teams, talks and lectures (in-person and virtual), committees, competitions and opportunities to visit our wide range off associated organisations. Members also have lots of ways to connect with the City and inter-Livery Company events as well.

Ultimately, Merchant Taylors’ Company supports and engages its members so they, along with the Company, continue to flourish. Together we can be a strong force for good.

To find out more about the opportunities for members, visit our News section. Or contact us to discuss membership.

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