The Company's Support for Education

Merchant Taylors' Company has a proud tradition of supporting education, providing young people with bright futures

The Company's support for education began in the 15th-century, when records show a school near the Hall, at Cornhill, and its schoolmaster, were maintained by the Company. As the Company expanded and grew in standing, so too did its philanthropic ambitions. While investment in formal education within London remained over the 16th- and 17th-centuries, the Company's leading philanthropists looked to alternative routes to make an impact.

Following the precedent set by other livery companies, Sir John Percyvale, founded the King's School in Macclesfield in 1502. Over the course of the 16th and 17th centuries, the Company and its members established schools across the United Kingdom, focusing on the provision of education for 'poor skolars' at a wide range of schools and educational institutions. The Company continues to believe in education as a core pillar of its philanthropic mission and, crucially, as a social investment.

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Seeing education as an investment in the future has enabled the Merchant Taylors' Company to broaden its remit of supporting education from the traditional academia, to include a fuller type of learning: 'an education which aims to develop the full person [...] including cultural and creative learning as well as the development of the intellect.' Through this more inclusive interpretation, the Company has re-established its links to its tailoring roots, through events like Golden Shears, which celebrates sartorial invention and tailoring expertise, and connects students within and across its schools and institutions to celebrate their sporting, musical and artistic endeavours.

'As a result of [Merchant Taylors'] support, we are able to ensure children from low-income families all over London fulfil their potential in music and beyond'

Another key strand of the Company Strategy is the provision of educational opportunities for disadvantaged young people. Through funding bursaries, scholarships and giving grants to charities that are focused on education, the Company's membership helps to transform lives. One such example is the Treloar Trust, a charity that tailors educational curriculum to the needs of young people with profound disabilities. Through providing care, therapy, medical support and independence training, Treloar offers a broad-based leaning which echoes the aims of the Company's educational purpose. Similarly, the tuition and performance opportunities available through the London Music Fund – just one of many London-based charities that the Company supports – enable young people with musical aptitude and enthusiasm to extend their skills and confidence.

'The award is enabling me to better support the family of the child I sponsor through the charity Compassion UK'

The Company strongly encourages its membership to engage with education through volunteering and governance opportunities. Through offering experience, expertise and time, as well as financial giving, the Company strives to ensure that educational support remains at the centre of its work.

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