The Trustees of Merchant Taylors’ Educational Trust are delighted to announce that a further school, Northwood Prep, has joined Merchant Taylors’ and St John’s Schools under its ownership. This merger follows a year of detailed work during which it has been proved beyond any doubt that the advantages of such a merger are overwhelmingly positive for students, staff and parents, and cost neutral.

Northwood Prep school is an extremely well provided and successful independent boys’ prep school offering education to 300 boys from age 3 to 13, and is situated adjacent to the western boundary of Merchant Taylors’ School. From 3 September 2015 it will merge entirely beneath the ownership and governance of Merchant Taylors’ School, and will continue to offer its existing excellence in education provision for boys.  It will join St John’s school in receiving all the benefits of MTET’s single ownership with Merchant Taylors’ School, and in due time the true shape of the merger will be allowed to develop. There are no planned changes in personnel at any school, nor any physical changes as the new venture settles down.  Northwood Prep school will however change its name to “Merchant Taylors’ Prep”, and there will be no changes to the position of St John’s school, which retains all its existing relationships.

This is the most significant enhancement in Merchant Taylors’ education since the purchase of St John’s school in 1984, and all concerned in the instigation and subsequent most detailed analysis and legal work that has led to this success have earned the Company’s warmest congratulations and thanks.