One of the Great Twelve Livery Companies of the City of London

Merchant Taylors’ Company is a flourishing community dedicated to fraternity, education and philanthropy.

Members connect in friendship and mutual support, as they have for centuries. Through volunteering, raising funds, offering their time to governance or trustee roles through to supporting City-wide initiatives, Merchant Taylors help grassroots charities, local organisations as well as schools across the UK, to create lasting transformative change.

The Merchant Taylors’ Company dates from 1327, when it began as a social and religious fraternity of tailors and linen-armourers.

Merchant Taylors' Company, with such a long history that spans fires, wars, myriad political upheavals and plagues, offers a fascinating insight into London's past and gives its members a unique connection to the City of London and the wider world.

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